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Focus On... Endorsed Midwives Afternoon Session
Using your Prescribing in a Hospital - Andrea Quanchi has been a midwife for nearly 40 years working across rural, regional and metropolitan hospitals in Victoria. She commenced private practice in 2000 and joined My Midwives in 2010. She is an endorsed midwife working in private practice and is also employed in a public hospital and uses her endorsement across both roles. She became the first midwife in Victoria to be credentialed in a public hospital and is also credentialed in Queensland at Toowoomba.

Business and Practice Risk Management - Liz Wilkes
Running your own midwifery business doesn’t have to be financially scary if you understand risk and are sensible about managing it.

Panel Discussion with Endorsed Midwives and Consumers
- Hannah Quanchi is an endorsed midwife working in private practice. She is one of five Directors of My Midwives, and achieved her endorsement in 2013 through her studies at Griffith University. She has been working in private practice for over 10 years and prides herself in being about work across the full scope of practice including home birth and hospital birth with visiting rights at multiple hospitals.
- Michelle Warriner is an endorsed midwife working in private practise. She was in the first cohort of endorsed midwives in Australia, studying at Flinders University. Michelle’s career expands over remote midwifery in first nations communities in WA, MGP’s for vulnerable populations caring for young mothers, refugees, and then into private practise for the last twelve years. Michelle has had the privilege of supporting the design, implementation, and operation of innovative midwifery models of care such as BIOC North and My Midwives Brisbane. She is also the ACM Qld Branch Chair.
- Natarsha Bamblett & Jess Windsor are both here to speak about their experiences having babies with the care of endorsed midwives.

My Health Record - Alicia Graham is a digital health educator at the Australian Digital Health Agency. Alicia is passionate about healthcare and how digital tools can improve patient care and help healthcare providers streamline their approach.

Questions on Endorsed Midwifery with Liz Wilkes - Liz has been a midwife since 1995, has been in private practice for 16 years and has an MBA from Griffith University. She is passionate that every woman feels informed, safe, respected and cared for during this special time.