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Working with women who... Series 5 - Birth by Caesarean


Join us for our fifth series of ‘Working With Women Who…Birth by Caesarean Section’ where we'll cover a range of topics including Birth and Postnatal Planning, Physio and Pelvic Floor, Mental Health, Continuity of Care, Consumer Experiences, Breastfeeding and VBAC Preparation. At ACM and as midwives, we talk a lot about normal birth or physiological birth, but now 37% of births in Australia are via Caesarean Section and it’s vital that we’re discussing and learning more about this mode of birth too. As midwives, our role is to support women, through whatever mode of birth they elect or require. And so we have dedicated this Working with women who series to Birth by Caesarean Section.

Working with women who... Series 5 - Birth by Caesarean - Morning Session
Formal Planning for Caesarean- Dr Zoe Bradfield Zoe is a Senior Midwifery Research Fellow with a joint appointment between Curtin University and Wome...
Dr Zoe Bradfield - Helen Grace - Dr Nasrin Javid - Dr Minke Burke - Belle Bruce - Mischa Bongers
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208 Minutes
Working with women who... Series 5 - Birth by Caesarean - Afternoon Session
Pain Management - Sandra Coupar Sandra is a RN/Midwife, currently working as an agency Midwife in Melbourne CBD and Regional Victoria. Sandra is pass...
Sandra Coupar - Peter Dawes - Leonie Rastas - Lisa White - Hazel Keedle - Dr Heather Mattner
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182 Minutes
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