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Conditions of Membership

Membership is governed by the ACM Constitution which states that “All Members must support the Objects of the College” which are to

  • promote and provide education, advice, professional recognition and support for Midwives, and Students;
  • with reference to the International Confederation of Midwives’ International Definition of the Midwife, inform and contribute to standards, structures and implementation of midwifery research, education and practice in Australia;
  • facilitate broader community access to information, advice and services concerning maternity care, particularly midwifery service and career options; and
  • develop and maintain relationships and partnerships with maternity care stakeholders - including all levels of government, organisations and individuals, both nationally and internationally - to promote the above objects.

Membership of the College is divided into categories: Full Members, Graduate Members, Affiliate Members and Student Members, with rights set out in the Constitution. Any Member may attend meetings of Members, but Affiliate & Student Members may not vote.


Membership fees

Membership fees are determined by ACM. ACM reserves the right to increase membership fees at any time. Up-to-date fees are available on the ACM website.

By completion of a membership application, a member commits to the Objects of the College and to paying the current membership fee applicable to the relevant category of membership for 12 months. This commitment applies regardless of any agreement by ACM for payment of fees by instalments.

Membership renews automatically each year on the anniversary of the last day of the month in which the member joined (‘the Renewal Date’) and the membership fee is payable unless the membership has been cancelled in accordance with the following paragraph. A Member may resign their membership by written advice to ACM no later than 31 days prior to the Renewal Date. Unless a member advises ACM in writing within 31 days of the Renewal Date that they do not wish to renew, their membership will automatically renew from the Renewal Date for a further period of 12 months and the membership fee(s) will be due and payable.

Membership is not transferable and membership fees are not refundable in the event of resignation during the membership year.

Student membership shall be upgraded to a Graduate membership upon the completion of their studies.

Graduate membership duration is limited to 12 months and will be upgraded to full membership on the annual anniversary date of the subscription.

Multi-year membership

From time to time ACM may offer multi year membership at discounted rates, but in all other respects, on the same terms as ordinary membership in the relevant category. By completing an application for multi year membership, a member agrees to the terms of multi year membership as set out here. 

Multi year membership is not cancellable and membership fees are non-refundable. This means the member remains liable for fees for the full period of the multiyear membership even if the member resigns from ACM.

Direct debits and payments by instalments

Direct debits and payments by instalments are processed through merchant facility provider on the Renewal Date or on the next business day following the Renewal Date. 

Payments by instalments

If ACM is unable to debit an account due to cancellation of a direct debit authorisation all outstanding fees, the balance of the term will become due and payable immediately.

If ACM is unable to debit an account for any reason, or an account is dishonoured due to insufficient funds' ACM may cancel any arrangement to pay by instalments and may charge a fee for each payment dishonoured. In all such cases, ACM will advise the member and request rectification. After a second unsuccessful attempt, membership will be cancelled and debt recovery for the outstanding amount, plus costs, may be commenced.

See the full ACM Terms and Conditions HERE