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  • Midwife opportunities available across multiple locations in New Zealand.
  • Relocation assistance to help you with the move
Kia ora (hello) – are you ready for the opportunity of a lifetime? We’re looking for Midwives to join our team in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

New Zealand's maternity system is well-regarded internationally for its outcomes providing care to a local and national population, there are approximately 3,309 practising midwives across New Zealand working in both hospitals and in the community and there are around 59 -60,000 births annually.

We have midwife opportunities available across multiple locations in New Zealand. Come and join us!
About the role

Benefits and salary range:
- Midwives with up to five years' experience usually earn a base salary of $79,657 + penal rates per year
- Midwives with more experience and post graduate qualifications can earn a base salary between $89,794-$138,086 per year with penal rates on top of that, whilst those in very senior leadership positions can earn between $160,000 and $220,000 annually.
- Our workforce receives four to five weeks of annual leave depending on years of service and both full time and part time contracts are available.
- Other benefits include employer contributions to superannuation and additional leave earned if working some shifts.
- More Collective Agreement (MECA) information is available here.

Required qualifications and experience:
To work in Aotearoa, New Zealand you will require registration as a midwife and an annual practising certificate, both of which are issued by the Midwifery Council of New Zealand. Information regarding registration requirements for overseas residents is available from the Midwifery Council of New Zealand.

Employing hospitals have relocation packages you can discuss with the Te Whatu Ora recruitment team.

Training & development:
We offer a flexible working environment, support and promote continuing and ongoing education opportunities to support your professional development throughout your career with us.

Work environment:
If you have the knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience to assess and care for those who are pregnant, in labour and postnatal and their babies until 6 weeks after birth. We have a range of options from working in community maternity units or secondary or tertiary level hospitals, to working in the various community settings around Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We have positions available in all contexts and in almost every region across the motu and have opportunities in almost every in-hospital practice environment, antenatal, postnatal, labour and birth or rotating positions across those areas.

Other helpful links:
Te Kareti o Nga Kaiwhakawhanau ki Aotearoa: New Zealand College of Midwives
Internationally qualified candidates

If you have qualified as a midwife in any country other than New Zealand, you must satisfy the Midwifery Council in three broad areas before you can be registered:

- Registration Outside of New Zealand
- Qualifications and Competence
- Fitness for Registration

For more information, check out Becoming Registered: Internationally Qualified Midwives.

Begin your career:
If you would like more information about training, or a career as a midwife, please visit:

Our 5-step application process:
Step 1: Application

Complete & submit your application form for review

Step 2: Review

Your application is reviewed by Kiwi Health Jobs

Step 3: Referral

Your profile is referred to your chosen District & employers

Step 4: Contact

You will be contacted by District recruitment teams

Step 5: Handover

Your application progresses through employers' recruitment processes

When you submit an application, you will be redirected to Kiwi Health Jobs, our centralised recruitment portal that is owned and operated by Te Whatu Ora. The Kiwi Health Jobs team are here to simplify the recruitment process by providing guidance, answering queries and connecting you to the right people in the Districts that you are most interested to work in.

Kiwi Health Jobs also advertises a wide range of vacancies across the Health Sector, that includes vacancies at public, not-for-profit and private employers.

How we can help:

Connecting you to locations

Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand

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