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This eLearning course will assist with understanding RHD Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (RHD NIPT), for fetal RhD typing and targeted RhD Immunoglobulin (RhD Ig) prophylaxis in pregnant women with a RhD negative blood group. This will include information on Haemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn (HDFN), the RhD blood group and why it matters in pregnancy, what the RHD NIPT is, which women will benefit from the test and the treatment recommended based on the RHD NIPT results.

Following completion of the eLearning module, you will have an understanding of the current RhD Ig prophylaxis treatment program and how this will differ following the introduction of the RHD NIPT.
- Understanding the RHD NIPT
- Indications for the test
- Possible test results and and best treatments available