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ACM is dedicated to advancing the midwifery profession by providing our members with invaluable support, resources, and opportunities to excel in their careers. As a midwife or midwifery student, joining our association offers you a comprehensive range of benefits that are designed to support you to deliver excellent healthcare and thrive in your professional journey.


Further Your Knowledge:

We understand the importance of continuous learning and professional development. As a member of ACM, you gain access to a wide array of educational resources, workshops, conferences, and webinars, allowing you to stay updated with the latest advancements, techniques, and best practices in midwifery. Expand your knowledge, develop your skills, and stay at the forefront of your field.


Enhance Your Career:

Connect with a vibrant community of over 5000 like-minded midwives, fostering the exchange of ideas, experiences, and support. ACM offers numerous networking opportunities, both online and offline, where you can forge meaningful relationships with fellow professionals, share insights, and collaborate on projects that drive innovation and excellence in midwifery.


Strengthen Your Profession:

ACM actively advocates for the recognition and support of midwifery as a vital profession in healthcare. We collaborate with policymakers, government agencies, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that midwives are represented in important discussions and decision-making processes. By highlighting the unique skills and contributions midwives bring to the healthcare system, we aim to dispel misconceptions, reduce barriers, and increase the demand for midwifery services and to acknowledges the significance of midwives' role in providing quality and personalized care to women and their families.


Select Your Membership Type

Full Member

For midwives (working in clinical and non-clinical roles) who hold current registration.

Full members have voting rights.

$402/year or $37/month

Graduate Member

For midwives who have graduated in the last six months.

Graduate members have voting rights.

$210/year $20/month

Student Member

For students who are studying to gain initial midwifery registration.

Student members do not have voting rights.

$0 Membership Fee for Students

Affiliate Member

For  midwives registered as non-practicing, other health professionals and people with an interest in midwifery.

Affiliate members do not have voting rights.

$243/year or $24/month

Pacific Island Affiliate

Pacific Island Affiliate membership is offered to midwives registered in a Pacific Island country who are working as a midwife, midwifery educator or midwifery manager.

Please have your Midwifery registration certificate ready to upload before continuing.

Pacific Island Affiliate members do not have voting rights.

No cost for approved applicants

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