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ACM Awardees

ACM 2021 Awardees

Life Members 


Life Members of ACM have made a significant impact on midwifery and have been instrumental in forming and shaping the Australian College of Midwives. 
We acknowledge and celebrate their career long commitment to delivering exceptional maternity care to the mothers and babies of Australia.

Joanne Gray

Nicky Leap

Pauline Glover

Sandra McElligott



ACM Fellows have made a significant contribution to ACM and to midwifery. We thank them for their engagement,
commitment and professionalism in raising the profile of midwifery and supporting evidence based maternity care.

Fiona Faulks

Jodie Atkinson

Lesley Kuliukas

Louise Keyes

Sue-Anne Hawkins

Terri Barrett

Previous Awardees

Life Members


  • Ann Kinnear

  • Caroline Edwards

  • Elizabeth Wood

  • Jacqueline Kitschke

  • Jan Taylor

  • Joanne Gray

  • Linda Sweet



  • Marjorie Atchan

  • Melissa Pearce

  • Paula Medway

  • Pauline Costins

  • Rosemary Parker

  • Susan Crosby

  • Yvonne Hauck



  • Ann (Caroline) Grieve

  • Anne Saxton

  • Barbara Vernon

  • Caroline Homer

  • Christine Cornwell

  • Eileen Woods

  • Hannah Dahlen

  • Helen Callaghan

  • Janette Robinson

  • Janice Butt

  • Jean Christie

  • Jenifer Cooling

  • Jennifer Richardson

  • Jennifer Wills

  • Jillian Thompson*

  • Judith Brown

  • Judith Burn



  • Judith D'Elmaine

  • Judith Meppem

  • Kath Larson

  • Lorraine Doyle

  • Lynette Johnson

  • Maggie Minnis*

  • Margaret Corboy

  • Marietta Butler

  • Mary Kirk

  • Nan Cook

  • Pamela Mulholland

  • Patricia Brodie

  • Pauline Green

  • Peter Askey-Doran

  • Rosemary Conroy

  • Sue Mcdonald

  • Vicki Wilde-Shooter