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Terms and conditions for the supply of goods and services (including conferences and events)

Warranty against defects

ACM stands by the quality of the goods it sells and will replace or refund the cost of any product which fails to meet high standards.

Cancellations of orders for goods or services by ACM

ACM reserves the right to cancel or reschedule provision of goods and services. If this occurs, ACM will endeavour to give timely notification to purchasers and advise alternate options available, including a full refund if requested.

ACM may require a request for a refund of payment for services or goods to be made in writing with supporting documentation where required.

Cancellation of orders for goods and services by customer (including education and events)

Generally, ACM will not provide a refund through inconvenience or where an individual changes their mind or has made an incorrect choice of goods and services. This also applies to registration for conferences, events and education.

However, with regards to events and conferences, an organisation may send an alternative delegate if registration has been paid in full and the registered person is unable to attend.

Membership fees are not refundable.