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Optimising Maternal & Parental Wellbeing - Series


After more than five years of running successful “Optimising” events for Victorian midwives, your ACM Victorian branch committee has again assembled a range of excellent speakers for your professional development and clinical updates. In 2022 we look to optimising maternal and parental wellbeing with premium presenters from Melbourne and interstate who are keen to share their latest study findings that relate specifically to your clinical practice. Online seminars have their benefits – a small outlay for a whole day’s program and the option of checking in later on the recordings. We look forward to seeing you there – and maybe next year we will be together in person.

Optimising Maternal & Parental Wellbeing - Session 1
Dr Jen Hocking Jen is a registered nurse and midwife who worked in the public maternity system in Victoria for 20 years between 1997 and 2018. Jen ha...
Dr Jen Hocking - Koori Maternity Service - VACCHO
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104 Minutes
Optimising Maternal & Parental Wellbeing - Session 2
Dr Rachel Reed Dr Rachel Reed is a midwife, author, teacher, researcher, and international speaker. Her focus is childbirth physiology, care provider...
Dr Rachel Reed - Dr Laura Biggs
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79 Minutes
Optimising Maternal & Parental Wellbeing - Session 3
Dr Linda Campbell Linda is an Associate Professor at The University of Newcastle and has been teaching and researching in the area of developmental d...
Dr Linda Campbell - Tija Blums
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80 Minutes
Optimising Maternal & Parental Wellbeing - Session 4
Skye Stewart Skye Stewart is a Registered Midwife, Special Projects Officer and Research Coordinator. First and foremost, they are a proud Wergaia an...
Skye Stewart - Jaunita Landéesse
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63 Minutes
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