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IDM Panel 2022: 100 Years of Progress
This free International Day of the Midwife 2022 special online panel is presented by ACM President Joanne Gray, ACM Principal Midwifery Officer Kellie Wilton and ACM History Committee Member Dr Clare Davison.

Joanne Gray - ACM President

Joanne is a registered midwife and nurse and has been continually engaged in midwifery education and practice for over thirty years. Joanne is a long-term member and Fellow of ACM and has engaged in the work of ACM at both the Branch level (NSW Branch Chair, 2007 – 16), and the National level (Director ACM Board and Chair, ACM Council 2014 – 16). She is Chair of the UTS Academic Board and a member of the UTS Council. She is also Chair of the ANMAC Profession Reference Group to review midwifery education standards (2019 – current) and a ministerial appointed practitioner member of the NSW NMBA since 2018.

Kellie Wilton - ACM Principal Midwifery Officer

Kellie Wilton is the Principal Midwifery Officer at ACM. Kellie’s journey as a midwife started with her own pregnancies and births. Through minimised opportunities to have midwives involved in her care and limited care options available when her pregnancies became complex, she began to formulate the belief that women should have birth options that include a midwife, encompass all models of care, and extend beyond hospital walls and the medical practice model if women so desire.

Kellie has worked across a variety of settings such as Midwifery Group Practice incorporating homebirth, acute tertiary, private practice, country and metropolitan public sectors, immigration detention and most recently the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector. Kellie is an endorsed, and notated Midwife and since registration has had opportunities to advocate, educate, mentor, supervise and provide leadership for the midwifery profession. Most recently Kellie completed a Master of Public Health (Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing)/Master of Health Leadership and Management with the primary focus of these studies being on advancing the profession of midwifery as an autonomous profession, maternity reform, maternal and child health, improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, health leadership and management, service design and implementation, change management, sexual health and wellness, primary healthcare, clinical leadership, and education.

Dr Clare Davison - ACM History Committee Member

Clare is a privately practising midwife and midwifery lecturer from Perth, Western Australia. She has a keen interest in the history of birth and midwifery. Clare is passionate about the frequently untold history of women and this led her to complete her PhD looking at the history of midwifery. Until the early twentieth century birth in Australia was generally at home with a midwife in attendance. The decline of midwifery as an independent profession began in the early twentieth century as nursing and medicine began to encroach on traditional midwifery practice. Midwives as independent practitioners became almost non-existent.
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Joanne Gray - Kellie Wilton - Dr Clare Davison

Thursday, 05 May 2022
Duration: 58 Minutes

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IDM Panel 2022: 100 Years of Progress
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