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Midwives recognised as key primary health care providers in Federal Budget

9 May 2023

ACM welcomes greater recognition of midwives as primary health care providers. 

Medicare reform to create a health system fit for the 21st century is a significant feature of the Federal Budget and women’s health is a clear priority for this Government. 

ACM welcomes the removal of Collaborative Arrangements for Endorsed Midwives. This measure recognises Endorsed Midwives as primary maternity care providers who will now be able to prescribe PBS medicines and services under Medicare without any legislative impediment. 

Midwives are central to women’s health outcomes and the Australian College of Midwives welcomes the Government’s funding of a scope of practice review. ACM will continue to advocate for midwives to be enabled to work to their full scope of practice to ensure women can receive best-practice midwifery-led care.

CEO, Helen White said this budget is a positive step towards recognising the value of midwives, but more needs to be done.

“This budget provides for much needed reform in the healthcare sector but more needs to be done to support midwifery to ensure that women get the maternity care they deserve and choose. 

“Funding the midwifery workforce and empowering midwives to work to their full scope of practice provides significant health and economic benefits by improving outcomes for women and babies. It is the best start to life. It also allows for improved retention of the existing midwifery workforce and costs less.

“We look forward to midwifery being prioritised under this Government’s leadership”. 

ACM Federal Budget Update

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