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  • Multiple positions available permanent Full time, part time
About Maternity Services at University Hospital Geelong

Barwon Health provides pregnancy, intrapartum and postnatal care for both high and low risk pregnancies. The number of births per annum is around 2880. Antenatal care is provided in both hospital and community sites. We have a Maternity Assessment Unit adjacent to the Birth Unit. The Birth Unit has 8 birth rooms and the Maternity Ward has 24 beds, a Postnatal Care in the home service and a Lactation service.
n this role you will plan, implement, evaluate and maintain a high standard of midwifery care to achieve desired clinical outcomes. At the same time recognising the needs and acknowledging the dignity, culture and values of all patients and their families. You will empower all people and their families within a service that embraces both continuity of philosophy and consistency of advice and information. You will provide direct patient care through a consumer centred approach and within scope of practice.

In this role you can decide where to work across the scope of midwifery practice, which includes Birthing suite, Antenatal and Postnatal care on the ward, Postnatal Care in the home (PCH), Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU), Antenatal clinics and the Permanent Acute Midwifery Pool. There is also the option to work in Special care nursery

In your application please let us know which is area/s you are interested in working in:-

Maternity Ward (Antenatal and Postnatal Care and/or Postnatal Care in the Home .ONLY – this is an option for you to apply too
Birthing Suite and MAU only
A Combination of both Birthing Suite, MAU and Maternity Ward Care
Permanent Nursing Pool where you will be able to work in Midwifery areas as well as other Acute areas within your scope of practice at Barwon Health.
We seek highly motivated Midwives with excellent interpersonal skills and a commitment to Woman and people Centred evidence based practice. Take this opportunity to shine and apply now to join our teams.

Benefits working as a Midwife at Barwon Health

Increase autonomy with your work as a midwife at UHG, ability to increase your clinical skills in preforming ARMs, attaching FSE, preforming speculums, inserting cervidil and CRB, IV cannulation and perineal suturing. All of which can allow for continuity of care for the women within the service.
You can achieve your Water birth competency as we offer water immersion and water birth at UHG
We have 5 days a week of Clinical support and education and training, allowing for clinical support for your practise and ensuring you are up to date with education and training.
If looking to preceptor or mentor we have a clinical assessors course and support rostering to allow for you to work with other midwives that require preceptoring. As a preceptor it would be your responsibility to help guide, direct and assess nursing students and new staff members with their clinical practice.
Ability to apply for your Clinical Midwifery Specialist qualification, once eligible and meet the requirements for this.
BH as an organisation supports further education with paid time for work related study.
Ability to work across your scope of practice
Paid education/training for FSEP and PROMPT.
Flexible rostering
BH is a training hospital for Medical and Midwifery Staff which in turn maintains a standard of care.
All care is based on evidence based guidelines.
BH offers a Midwifery Group Practice and are working towards a Home Birth Model of care.
Opportunities to participate/apply to work in these models of care.

Christine Shaw

[email protected]

0431 877 370

Part Time