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Leadership Series Bundle

Leadership Series Bundle

Event Description

This is a 6 part leadership series for midwives. By purchasing this bundle you are registering for all 6 modules and will receive a leadership certificate upon completion. You are also receiving the 6th module free.

Please use this event to register for all 6 Modules of the Leadership Series for Midwives.

Leadership Series Bundle Schedule.

Facilitator Information

This event is facilitated by Tracy Maxted from The Missing Think.

Tracy Maxted is an experienced facilitator and executive coach. She established her consultancy, The Missing Think, in 2011, and has supported 1000s of leaders and organisations to maximise their potential, clarify their strategic direction and deliver results.

Prior to starting The Missing Think, Tracy held a number of senior leadership positions in predominantly People and Culture roles in the UK for organisations experiencing high levels of growth, change and disruption. Every role involved developing great leaders at all levels of the organisation and establishing cultures of high trust, engagement and accountability.

Having found herself in a leadership position accidentally at the age of 21, she is pretty proud of the number of critical errors she was able to inflict on her poor staff in those first few years. If the saying is true that mistakes result in the deepest learning, Tracy has had the greatest of teachers!

Known for her pragmatic, practical and personable style, Tracy provides leaders with the tips, tools and strategies they need to bring the best out in themselves and those around them. Please see for more information.

Pricing Information

ACM Members - $150 per module or $750 for the entire six part series

Non-Members - $200 per module or $1000 for the entire six part series 

The Leadership Series for Midwives Modules

An outline of the Leadership Series for Midwives modules. Please see the individual module listing for a detailed description.

Module 1 - Develop Leadership Presence: Build Influence and Trust

1st July 2022 @ 9am-1pm

Module content outline:

  • Identify key stakeholders, present and future
  • Strategies to present yourself in a way that builds trust, mutual respect and influence, regardless of role
  • Communication essentials to increase influence and effectiveness

Module 2 - Conflict and Negotiation as a Leader in Midwifery

2nd September 2022 @ 9am-1pm

Module content outline:

  • Learn the 5 practical approaches to successfully negotiate and build trust
  • Apply the Thomas-Kilmann model to understand how to transform conflict into collaboration
  • Finding your assertiveness in the midwifery context (reducing aggressive and passive behaviours in self and others)

Module 3 - Navigate Difficult Conversations with Confidence

4th November 2022 @ 9am-1pm

Module content outline:

  • Understand the skills of Dialogue
  • Build self awareness and flexibility in conversation
  • Learn strategies to defuse emotion in self and others

Module 4 - Leadership Mindset and Developing Emotional Intelligence

3rd February 2023 @ 9am-1pm

Module content outline:

  • Learn tips and techniques to build self-awareness and be a clear, competent and confident leader
  • Identify individuals triggers and danger zones and develop strategies to overcome
  • Create a toolkit of practical strategies to:
    • Build self awareness (impact of behaviours and actions on self and others)
    • Manage stress, maintain emotional stability and build resilience
    • Understand EQ as a lever that either reaccelerates or sabotages outcomes

Module 5 - Leading with a 'One Team' Lens

31st March 2023 @ 9am-1pm

Module content outline:

  • Understand the key characteristics of a high performing team and how to develop
  • Recognise the 5 dysfunctions of a team (and how to resolve)
  • Create a resilient team (not just a team of resilient individuals)

Module 6 - Lead Change, Manage Uncertainty

2nd June 2023 @ 9am-1pm

Module content outline:

  • Understand how to lead a ‘Change=Improvement’ culture
  • Workshop the challenges of delivering finite and constant change
  • Explore own points of resistance and personal readiness to embrace and lead change
  • Understand the complexities of managing people through change

Qualify for CPD Hours

Each module is 4 CPD Hours

Entire 6 module Leadership Series is 24 CPD Hours

Leadership certificate awarded on completion of the series

Friday, 01 July 2022
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
From $750 (ACM Member Price)
Virtual Event
24.00 CPD Hours