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Private Practice Insurance: No easy Answer

Private Practice Insurance: No easy Answer

Online Panel Description

This online panel will be facilitated by Kellie Wilton, Principal Midwifery Officer of the ACM.


Hallie Barron

Hallie has provided risk management services to Australian Privately Practising Midwives, doctors and Practice Managers for the past 15 years. She delivers education to MIGA clients, Practice Managers and medical practices based on MIGA claims experience. Hallie conducts practice reviews to help identify policy, procedural and medico-legal issues that give rise to claims and complaints and provides advice on strategies for minimising risk and meeting a variety of standards. Hallie’s extensive experience prior to her risk management role was in the QLD Hospital and health sector.

Liz Wilkes

Liz Wilkes is the Managing Director of My Midwives. My Midwives is the largest midwifery private practice in Australia, with the largest group of Medicare endorsed midwives. Liz has been a midwife for over 25 years and has worked in private practice for the past 16 years. Liz was in the first group of Medicare midwives in Australia (2010) and was the first credentialed midwife in Australia to provide a Medicare funded birth. Liz has significant policy and advocacy expertise working in representative groups since 2006 at a state and Commonwealth level on private practice, insurance for midwives, home birth, midwifery regulation, Medicare, risk assessment and professional issues. Her most recent representation was on the Participating Midwives Implementation Liaison Group (ILG) which supported the implementation of changes to Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items resulting from the recommendations of the MBS Review Taskforce.

Terri Schaumberg EPPM

Terri (MTM) Schaumberg is an endorsed private practice midwife and the Queensland representative for the ACM’s history project. Terri lives in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and works across the full scope of practice for midwifery care in the community. She also provides child birth education, breastfeeding, early parenting and loss support. Terri works with/facilitates novice and student midwives for ongoing learning and clinical placement. She has worked across a variety of health care settings since the early 1980s. Terri was trained in nursing and midwifery in the hospital/ clinical setting and later added tertiary education to her portfolio. She completed a Master of Midwifery in 2013 and was teaching at university until either private practice or teaching had to be the focus. She is currently completing a Master of Clinical Teaching. Also she facilitates Midwifery Clinical Skills Days for private midwives wanting to hone skills and cover mandatory requirements for ongoing practice.

Qualify for CPD Hours

1 CPD hour

Thursday, 17 February 2022
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
1.00 CPD Hours